We are Hometown Plus.

We restore both community and commercial prosperity to run down town and shopping centres.

York Place in Newcastle under Lyme is a unique and ambitious project that seeks to regenerate an under-used urban shopping centre by creating financial and social value. 

Through this process, which combines retail regeneration with asset-based community development, the centre becomes more viable as a property asset and more valuable as a community asset.

The regeneration project starts from two well-known problems: first, the in-town shopping centre property business, with its increasing difficulty of securing rental income in a context of retail closures and increased vacancies; and, second, the struggling towns and communities where these centres are located, with pressure on consumer spend and increasing social challenges. 

While there are many advocates of the principle of community-based shopping centre and high street regeneration, it is hard to find working models or case studies. 

This is, therefore, both the challenge and appeal of the York Place project. The attempt to create a revitalised shopping centre by aligning the interests of stakeholders offers a local solution to entrenched problems and also a case study to help other places think about their own actions.

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