... for Landlords

Landlords of town and shopping centre retail units partner with the Hometown Plus team to derive a number of benefits: 

  • The implementation of a change programme informed by our research with all interested parties, which will lead to a demand-led, more attractive, offering.
  • As footfall increases and businesses start to flourish, the rent payable under the turnover lease arrangements will rise accordingly.
  • The demand for units will increase, thereby maximising the rental value of the centres.
  • The support provided to under-performing businesses will help maintain rental streams.
  • An innovative approach to reconfiguration and use of space will transform the asset into an attractive location.
  • The capital value of the asset will be preserved, if not enhanced.
  • The reputation of the landlord will be positively impacted by its commitment to society improvement and by the creation of a sense of community.

Find out more about our work in action with landlords at York Place Shopping Centre. 

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