... for Retailers and other Tenants

A busy and bustling town or shopping centre will be an attractive place in which many businesses will wish to locate. This is good news for retailers and other tenants: 


  • The turnover rent proposition means that they will not suffer crippling rent charges in the early set up days. 
  • The rent moreover will only increase as and when the business starts to gains some momentum as measured by increase in turnover.
  • Membership of the community club operating the token scheme will increase footfall in the shops.
  • Management of new lettings will be done with a view to providing a varied offering which will reduce the likelihood of direct competition.
  • The events programme and the food and drink offering will increase footfall in the centre which will benefit all tenants.
  • Business improvement support will be available where shops are underperforming.

Find out how retailers and other tenants are being supported at York Place Shopping Centre through our work

Mike Riddellwork