For private companies

Hometown Plus provide companies that care about people, places and causes of local importance with:

  • help in framing intelligence-led csr programmes that deliver on good social and commercial returns
  • introductions to established, ethically sound, financially viable and quality assured community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises that would benefit from: 
    • pro-bono advice and guidance in core development and continuing service improvement
    • employee volunteers’ practical help
    • modest financial investment to enable better profiling, more efficient response to changing beneficiary needs, growth in sustainability and so on
  • assistance in facilitating cross-sector skills exchange and knowledge transfer
  • help in intern, trainee and apprentice engagement
  • channels through which spare capacity or product can be used to incentivise, enable or reward social action
  • leadership on integrated development planning where purposes are shared
  • a social accounting function – reporting on change affected, savings to the public purse delivered, business benefits realised and so on; robust quantitative and qualitative records of difference made
  • public and third sector relationship-building for strategic purpose 
  • help in building marketplace identity and good public relations

Hometown Plus help companies play their part in building communities and adding value to parallel efforts in social regeneration. Hometown Plus help companies stand-out from their competitors, demonstrating commitment to social impact as well as their drive to maintain profitability and deliver commercial results.