Town and Shopping Centre Regeneration

Hometown Plus works with landlords, tenants, public sector bodies and the public to regenerate declining town and shopping centres.

We restore commercial prosperity through increased footfall and by rebuilding a sense of community in areas which have been left behind by the impact of online shopping and out-of-town retailers.   

Our approach includes:

  • Developing an enhanced food and drink offering, creating communal eating areas serviced by a range of local independent food and drink businesses.  The offerings are primarily in the form of “street food” using wherever possible local produce, with outlets also for local micro-breweries and wine businesses.
  • Implementation of a points programme which uses a rewards platform for community volunteering to connect retailers, community hubs and charities.
  • Engaging and introducing new partner organisations, such as social housing, with a view to rebuilding a town centre population.
  • Management of the migration of lease arrangements for retail tenants into “turnover rent” form, whereby tenant-landlord relationships are aligned by linking the rent payable to the turnover of their business.
  • Delivering business and performance improvement support for tenants whose businesses are underperforming.

Our bespoke consultancy services and innovative approach are being utilised to work with York Place Shopping Centre.

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Our stakeholders  

We work with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve sustainable prosperity for the areas in which we work. These include: