For volunteers

The events programme organised by the community club in partnership with the YMCA, will provide volunteering opportunities for a wide range of people – these include disaffected youth who have struggled to get on the employment ladder, those that have been made redundant, others who feel they have been left behind by changes in society, older retired persons who want to remain active and put something back in the community, and indeed anyone else who wants to get involved.  The benefits are:

  • A pathway to employment through a well-managed and structured volunteer programme.
  • Exposure to planning and managing the organisation of a range of events
  • An improved quality of life from the redemption of tokens for the goods and services on offer.
  • A recognition of the value of the volunteer work through the issue of tokens and a consequent increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • A sense of belonging by becoming part of, and contributing to, a new and thriving local community