We at Hometown Plus make change happen - change that works for everyone.

As a town and shopping centre regeneration business, we help communities recover their identity and prosperity in places left behind by the impact of industrial change, online shopping and out-of-town retailers.

Our objective is to put all stakeholders – including landlords, tenants and the public - on the path to sustainable prosperity by:

  • Developing commerical partnerships between the private sector, the public sector and the wider community to create a bespoke and locally driven approach
  • Delivering commercial projects which restore profitability and value for both businesses and community partners
  • Pioneering creative solutions that re-establish rundown centres into thriving community hubs which are attractive places both to visit and do business in
  • Making a positive impact on community cohesion, education and health, whilst at the same time helping to reduce poverty, waste and unemployment.

With a combined fifty years’ industry experience, the Hometown Plus team has a strong record in pulling together all corners of communities to regenerate areas.