Working across the North of England, Hometown Plus facilitate cross-sector introductions and broker new partnerships for commercial good and community benefit.

The long-felt effects of the financial crisis continue to:

  • squeeze public service budgets
  • adversely impact private sector trading conditions
  • affect indices of community well-being such as educational outcomes, employment statistics, household incomes and health profiles
  • increase demand for ‘welfare’-orientated services produced and delivered by community groups, voluntary organisations, faith-based providers and social enterprises – and at the same time reduce the resources available to support the third sector as a whole

And yet still – in communities of interest, place and social identity the length and breadth of our regions – very special qualities shine through these clouds and cast their rainbows on to our world, changing lives and ensuring wellness; building spirit and growing ambition; creating confidence, enhancing skills and self-belief. 

In the North of England, resilience, caring, creativity, imagination, passion, determination and selflessness are among the many characteristics that set  us apart. Around every corner and over every hillside in our part of the world there’s an expert in this field or that; a company with a success story to share; a Council that is successfully pioneering a new service model; or a community group that, in spite of the odds being stacked against them, are doing incredibly valuable work with people in real need - alleviating their pressures, extending new opportunities, teaching new skills and providing platforms on which to build more prosperous futures.