The North is a special place and we aim to make it more so every day.

Since foundation in 2010 Hometown Plus have:

  • helped frame socially responsible procurement plans
  • successfully built bridges between local traders and local people – through the introduction and administration of digital loyalty schemes that have helped retain town centre businesses and maintain their viability
  •  advised business start-ups and social entrepreneurs – securing funding to support their establishment and brokering links with mentors to help in consolidation and the assurance of continued growth
  • assisted companies in the development of corporate social responsibility programmes with heart, purpose, relevance and resonance; but also with marketplace profiling, positioning for contracts and the need of being able to demonstrate social value-added very much in focus (we’ve mobilised employee volunteers; improved staff pride, attendance and retention; increased market share; and delivered sustainable outcomes on the ground with the help of fantastic third sector partners)
  •  created online portals through which to share skills, knowledge, surplus products, service capacity and time in the interests of empowering people, enabling social action and realising collective aspirations for the benefit of good causes and places in need (we’ve put asset-based community development model into practice)
  •  measured and reported on social impact – utilising findings to make new links; influence strategy, policy and service plans; underpin bids for funding and tenders for contracts

Ours is a belief that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts if the parts are put together properly and that’s what Hometown Plus are about – joining dots, aligning jigsaw pieces, facilitating joined-up visioning, integrating planning and mutually supportive action with public services’ quality, private businesses’ ethical operation and prosperity, and third sector organisations’ liberation from financial worries all to the forefront of our minds.

We’re about thinking outside of the box – as well as within it; working-up feasible plans and getting things done in the right way whether economic, environmental and/or social regeneration are the priorities in hand.

We’re full of beans, ready and raring, and always happy to chat on how we might help you make your mark on the world in a good way.

Welcome to HometownPlus.