For charities

Hometown Plus provide charities and not-for-profits with help in:

  • consolidating governance arrangements and strengthening quality assurance provisions; growing readiness for bidding, tendering, sponsor and donor appeal – income generation and financial diversification
  • social enterprise development/trading arms’ set-up – intelligence-led business planning, start-up funding, test-trading, introduction to mentors and similar
  • due diligence and cross-sector partnership-brokering
  • community buildings’ management services ensuring compliance with the law; efficiency in maintenance, repair and operation; environmentally-sound procurement and so on
  • service and project modelling
  • staff and volunteer training, coaching and mentoring
  • social impact assessment and reporting
  • financial management and pr

We’re about building social capital and developing communities that function; communities that are confident and creative when it comes to self-help and join-up with willing stakeholders able to add value in pursuit of collective aspirations; communities than can do.... and do when it comes to improving their here and now, and their future prospects.

Hometown Plus think – and facilitate thinking – more strategically. We broker partnerships, find and help others’ find solutions. We build community infrastructure and capacity to maintain positive momentum. We help others’ embrace change and provide for confident, continuous improvement. We are open and transparent and committed always to doing the right things in the right way.