For public service providers

Hometown Plus provide public sector delivery leads with:

  • frontline capacity when it comes to communication, consultation, service design and improvement planning with local people in all; their diversity
  • introductions to established, ethically sound, financially viable and quality assured community groups sharing common goals and articulating interest in collaboration when it comes to service development and the job of affecting sustainable social change for the better 
  • connections to private companies with an interest in places as well as profits; social as well as commercial objectives; innovation and co-production on public services as well investment in capital/revenue projects and skill-building in the labour market
  • help in cross-sector partnership-brokering and management
  • access to advice and/or capacity when it comes to special purpose vehicles’ set-up – and operational management
  • leadership on social impact assessment,  social accounting and reporting 
  • expertise in service evaluation and improvement planning

We’re about helping public sector bodies maximise the opportunities that present for innovation against ever more challenging budget back-drops.