Founded and based in Manchester, Hometown Plus is in the business of social and economic regeneration - on an ambitious scale. Beginning in the test-town of Newcastle under Lyme, we are demonstrating how an underused shopping centre can be re-conceived as a new destination for business and community development. We have become known for advancing innovative practices to test and implement projects for a range of private and non-profit clients struggling to adapt to the socio-economic ideals of the 21st century. We work as a project facilitators, independent of existing stakeholders, matching underutilised shopping spaces with projects in need of a home and work on the basis of short-term, low-cost scalable measures that instigate longer-term community-building change.

Matchmaking empty spaces with local entrepreneurs and the growing CounterCoin™ movement are just two of our innovative projects that can help post-industrial towns across adapt to the future. Our service solutions are divided into three categories


Shopping Place Operation and Tactical Regeneration

○ Branding & communications
○ Refurbishment with associated project/budget planning & management
○ Void mitigation
○ Rent collection, reporting & service charge management
○ Residential design & viability
○ Operational system design
○ Public sector partnership building
○ Match-funding
○ Investment prioritisation
○ Long-term performance management - financial & social
○ Facilities management


Community Involvement and Partnership

○ Socio economic research
- place profiling & needs assessment
○ Meeting & workshop facilitation
○ Project & programme websites
○ Web-based community development & engagement tools
○ Demonstrator projects
○ Event planning | Marketing | Public relations
○ Good citizenship & volunteer rewards


Ethical Business Planning and Business Model Innovation

○ Baselining
○ Startup support
○ Business model development
○ Revenue model development
○ Monitoring and evaluation
○ Bespoke coaching and consulting
○ Classroom training and self-directed learning
○ Commercial key performance indicators, equality and social impact
○ Investment readiness + case making