Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester

Hometown Plus is delighted to be working with the Manchester Business School, which is presently undertaking an exercise with a view to developing an evaluation methodology that will:

(i)             capture and report on the value-added to operations at York Place Shopping Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme through our work on aesthetic uplift, commercial performance improvement, community involvement and development with social impact and diversification in footfall very much to the fore.

(ii)             help us refine our approach to Shopping Centre regeneration going forward, informed by our experience over the coming year and emerging best practice from elsewhere.     

Going forward, MBS will be preparing a toolkit that enables the roll-out of our community-centred approach to business development and improvement through new commissions, or self-directed learning and arms-length assistance where Shopping Centre Managers would prefer to take the lead on reinvigoration and partial re-purposing themselves.

MBS will also be preparing a report for the benefit of urban regeneration policy-makers, which will share key findings and recommendations from our work with a view to informing the improvement of high street-centred policy.



Modern City Architecture and Urbanism (MCAU)

Hometown Plus has teamed up with Modern City Architecture & Urbanism, a multi faceted design consultancy which recognises that the continuing growth of today’s towns and cities is bringing with it an ever increasing set of added demands and problems to solve. 

Working closely with Hometown Plus, MCAU's task is to evaluate the centres where we are operating with a view to developing on behalf of our clients clever, creative and, above all, commercially viable architectural and development solutions, as well as presenting proposals which maximise the efficient use of available space and which dramatically increase value through innovative cost effective design. 

All options are considered, ranging from facelifting, to wholesale centre remodelling, including the introduction on site of new components including the likes of affordable social and private rented housing

MCAU fully understand this need for commerciality and the requirement for achieving viability, and at the same time a need for articulating a social awareness and the need to help deliver social legacy. 

Working together with Hometown Plus, MCAU is able to turn these ideas into an exciting and deliverable new reality for our clients. 

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Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

We are receiving great support from the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, which will be offering 1 to 1 business assessment and development planning sessions to all charities and small / medium-sized businesses on site at no charge to them.

The Chamber will – in addition – be connecting businesses at York Place with mentors who are specialists in various elements of business operation, as well as conducting a series of Chamber trading and networking / learning exchange events to assist businesses in their work towards improved performance. 

The Chamber also run the UK's only Social Value Forum and regard good corporate citizenship as today's competitive differentiator. 

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YMCA North Staffordshire

At York Place, we are partnering with our colleagues from YMCA North Staffordshire, who are leading on the establishment of (i) a new, high-end pottery trading space; (ii) a creative project base for young people with an interest in and appetite for recreational activity, vocational training or social enterprise set-up; and (iii) the provision of facilities for meeting and project work on the part of local community groups and voluntary organisations committed to the promotion of good citizenship.

They are also set to work on the production of a volunteer-led events programme that will both engage and positively impact local people in all their diversity.  This will give them reason to visit, enjoy a good experience at, and re-consider their perceptions of, York Place.  This initiative will also facilitate the testing of a volunteer and business reward scheme which Hometown Plus will be trialling throughout the summer of 2017 alongside the YMCA, 6 local businesses and 6 further charities.  


Wavemaker is a non-profit community maker-space in the heart of North Staffordshire, where physical CounterCoin™ prototype tokens were first designed, branded and laser-cut by youngsters from the YMCA. It's also where the promotional video is being produced: "for the kids, by the kids!"

Our joint mission is for CounterCoin™ to promote good citizenship, entrepreneurialism & inclusive growth in and around Stoke-on-Trent. 

Wavemaker is a valued delivery partner for Hometown Plus and YMCA North Staffs.

Riddell TPS

Riddell TPS is a family firm of Chartered Surveyors that is owned and managed by Mike's brother Gareth.

Riddell's have been buying, selling and managing commercial property since 1988.

Their main areas of specialism are retail and business space, with key property management services including

  • Rent collection
  • Service charge budget and expenditure management
  • Financial management and statutory compliance
  • Compliance with sustainability issues
  • Procurement and contractor management
  • Lease compliance
  • Insurance management


To find out more about becoming a Hometown Plus partner, get in touch with the team.