Shopping Centre Regeneration

Hometown Plus is currently working to bring York Place in Newcastle-under-Lyme back to life - improving its commercial performance, building social responsibility into every element of its operation and making a positive impact on the location, on social identity and on the community served by the Shopping Centre.

Working with the full support of the landlord, York Place Investments, and its managing agent, Riddell TPS, and informed by the findings of extensive baseline research and public survey responses, Hometown Plus has engaged with the local council, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, YMCA North Staffordshire, Keele University and a collective of third sector partners, with a view to:

  • enriching and diversifying the retail offering by engaging new independent traders, private and social enterprises
  • growing the activity, events and visitor experience offering by

(i)              introducing an annual, volunteer-led programme of events and activity that will educate, empower, entertain and uplift across the spectrum,

(ii)           enhancing the food and drink offer, and

(iii)          re-branding and refreshing the look of the Shopping Centre to create a more ethical and earthy sense of place 

  • recognising and rewarding the hard work of volunteers and retailers alike through a unique token scheme that will provide all with a return on the investment of their time
  • re-positioning York Place as a Shopping Centre with a heart, a space for commerce and community, a place created for the people by the people and with betterment of everyday experience and quality of life for all always to the fore.

York Place has long suffered under-investment and through partnership, creativity, resourcefulness and bravery our plan is to turn-around its fortunes, grow the Landlord's income and his asset's value but at the same time affect sustainable change for the better in town when it comes to the public realm's appearance and functionality, educational under-achievement, health inequalities, rates of business registration and de-registration - and so on and so forth.


In our experience Hometown Plus are a company with conviction, purpose and integrity; an operation that reflect sound social principles and values in their everyday work. They are efficient, effective and consistently focused on getting the job in hand done to the highest possible standard. We have been particularly impressed with their knowledge of social policy; their capacity to quickly profile places and needs, join the dots and compose robust plans for maximising social return on capital development at minimum risk; and their ability to engage and take stakeholders on the change-making journey. We respect their capacity to open doors and build, strong, sustainable partnerships; and their expertise when it comes to securing grant-aid and sponsorship to help resource third sector partners’ project production, delivery and capacity-building for the long-term in the interests of maintaining momentum after developer withdrawal. They are people of real purpose, always have smiles on their faces and are a pleasure to do business with. Panacea are pleased to learn of their development plans and would have no hesitation commending them to other prospective commissioners. Hometown Plus are very good at what they do - adding social value and securing legacy.
— Managing Director of Panacea Property Development, Manchester

To help me get my shop up and running, Hometown Plus had to stretch several stakeholders to the limit. My budget was tight and negotiating prowess limited, but they did a brilliant job for me and my new enterprise. Brilliant
— From a business start-up in Newcastle-under-Lyme

I received massive support from the team setting up my first natural cosmetics shop. The negotiations went smoothly and I was surprised how friendly and professional team was. They are responding very quickly to queries I’ve had and try to help with ones outside of their normal duties. So I can ask about any concerns or queries. Great experience and they are just brilliant!!! Highly recommend to everyone small business like mine or big corporations as their knowledge is endless. I’m pleased I can work with them.
— Tomasz Putynkowski, PgC HRM, Assoc CIPD

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