Disadvantaged communities are still unfortunately numerous. Social, economic and environmental need in places of deprivation and despair grows ever more acute; and inequalities are ever more stark. And yet in many towns and cities short-term, single agency, thematic interventions on particular issues that are only modestly resourced remain the norm – and sustainable change remains an aspiration.

At Hometown Plus we see bigger pictures and common purposes. We recognise that in cross-sector collaboration around causes and places there is enormous potential. Ours is a passionate belief in and commitment to facilitating skills, knowledge and resource exchange. Ours is an everyday investment of ourselves – hearts and minds - in realising the potential of synergies and turning aspirations into deliverables that make a difference for the long-term.

We work with local people to ensure that their voice is heard and has influence; and that theirs are real opportunities to contribute to, help deliver on and sustain social regeneration programmes with capital facilities and revenue projects at their heart. We work with local authorities to ensure the alignment of plans with social policy priorities – and those of local people; to make delivery feasible even within tight budget constraints; and to crack the sustainable futures nut. We work with private companies too to frame intelligence-led CSR programmes and plug them, their donations of employee time and expertise, goods and services into cohesive plans that provide for changing places’ fortunes. We incentivise, report the impact of and reward all concerned for delivery on programmes that matter; priorities dear to local people – across educational, environmental and health-orientated outcomes. 

Ours is a company that utilises people (our core team and expert associates), technology and training, and proven project management techniques to make the very most of investment, and maximise social returns for all concerned. We plan, build and manage partnerships, secure resource, build capacity and facilitate cross-sector coaching and mentoring. We make change that matters happen, and have resilience and determination by the bucketful.    

We stand for strength in togetherness. We make the complex simple. We empower and achieve with key players and community stakeholders.

Your hometown + collective action = our approach.

Take a look at our journey that began in 2009 with WiganPlus.

In 2010 HometownPlus launches the WiganPlus the UK’s first Town Reward to use smartcard technology.

In 2014 Hometownplus begins development work on Hotpot: a digital rewards platform to incentivise change and produce measurable social value.

In 2012 Hometownplus launches the Plus World campaign that recognises and values contribution to community.

In 2015 Hotpot turns into